This is how my world looks and how I view things and what I think is funny or sad or whatever. I'm musical, caring, silly, athletic, and into girls. :P This is me. Also, I'm obsessed with guitars and ed sheeran.

Live in Georgia...for now.
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    Target Center-Minneapolis, MN [x]

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  • "I want to be your favorite place to go when you’ve had a bad day or a good day."
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    Ed’s singing to them now, the pussy addiction is getting out of control

    ur telling me

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    Stories that Give Me Hope.

    Stories that make me cry

    I’m sobbing.

    what is this moisture coming from my eyes

    my eyeballs are leaking


    The last one though

    MY HEART <3 

    I’m legit crying

    As a sign language student the one about the book on ASL really gets to me

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  • Kristen Stewart photographed by Lindsey Byrnes

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  • turn the fuck up

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  • you, me, netflix while i slap ya butt

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    In order to date me you must be willing to do the following:

    • cuddle and never stop
    • hold my hand everywhere we go
    • eat gross amounts of food with me
    • go on adventures
    • wake me up with kisses 
    • make blanket forts

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    Ed asked the crowd to be quite during the beginning of one of his songs, and this Dad literally flipped out at his daughter for screaming “I LOVE YOU ED SHEERAN”, saying: “SHUTUP OR HE WONT START THE SONG “

    me as a parent


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